GOLD KINGS by Karen Bystedt 37X54

GOLD KINGS by Karen Bystedt 37X54


Basquiat photo by the late Brad Branson. MIXED MEDIA ART by Karen Bystedt.

THE KING KOLLECTION was inspired by my decision to create my own body of work when I was given the

opportunity to work with Brad Branson’s images of JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT. I came up with the narrative to put

Andy and Basquiat together as the POP-ART KINGS. A king isn’t a king unless crowned. With this In mind, I played

with putting Basquiat’s crown on both of them and realized how powerful it was on so many levels; historically,

socially and artistically.

The juxtaposition of both Andy and Jean Michel is a powerful statement of two men; One elder, one young, one

white, one black and they are both KINGS in Art and in life.

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