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In the fall of 1982, a young NYU student, Karen Bystedt, now turned mixed-media artist cold-called Andy Warhol and asked the artist if he would pose for her project-in-progress featuring the era’s top male models.  Much to her amazement he agreed right away. A year later, Bystedt featured 2 of the 36 photos shot that day in her book, NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE published by NAL and then placed the negatives in several locations. Along her travels, Bystedt lost track of the precious film; 25 years later, she felt spiritually compelled to search for her beloved Warhol negatives. In 2011, Bystedt excavated and restored ten of these negatives, reviving the images that are the foundation of THE LOST WARHOLS collection.

Echoing the spirit of Warhol, Bystedt conceptualized a series of collaborations; co-creating mixed media artwork in partnership with contemporary street and fine artists. The work celebrates the spirit of its central subject – Andy – as it features her iconic portraits refracted through a diversity of creative and international interpretations.

The list includes Peter Tunney, Speedy Graphito, Gregory Siff, Bradley Theodore and The producer BDB.

The pulse of the present day beats in female artist, Bystedt’s images; THE LOST WARHOLS, a collection of over 60 works, capture the era in which they were conceptualized and crafted – a social climate in which men and women celebrate their shared equality, and a spirit of inclusion and community reigns supreme.

In May 2018, The Lost Warhols return to their birthplace, New York City, for an exhibition in support of God’s Love We Deliver, the metropolitan area’s leading provider of medically-tailored nutritious delicious meals for individuals who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

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