VIDEO: Chris Brown formerly KONFUZED Painting LIVE

Karen bystedt and Chris brown  Late Night.jpg

The reason I met Chris Brown: I had been a hip hop fan since 2005 when I use to listen to

"The Game and 50Cent." Once I started collaborating on The Lost Warhols I decided I wanted to team up with a recording artist to paint on my photograph of Andy. 

When Orlando Aguillen proposed to have me collaborate with Chris Brown I loved the idea. 

I had been listening to Chris since he was 15 years old and I knew what a talented singer, dancer, and performer he was. At the time, I did not know how talented he was as a painter.  I printed out one of my photographs of Andy on canvas and set up an easel with a bunch of spray cans that he had chosen at a studio in Culver City where we rendezvoused along with an Andy dollar stencil. 

WATCH: Chris Create