War by Filippo Fiumani X Karen Bystedt 40x40

War by Filippo Fiumani X Karen Bystedt 40x40


Filippo Fiumani (aka LE MANI) is an italian designer and artist, born in 1987 in Loreto, Italy.

He works as an illustrator, graphic designer and craftsman. He has a deep passion for illustrations, travels,music, skating and surfing. 

He has travelled and surfed in many places from Australia, Thailand, Brazil, North Africa and many places around Europe. He is constantly improving his skills because he is never satisfied with ”good enough’.

He started his experience as a graffiti writer back in 2000. After high school, where he was involved with skating and street art, he completed his bachelor degree on industrial design in 2011 at the University of Architecture of Venice in San Marino (RSM), after that he got a Post Graduate Course on product design in 2013 at IADE, University of Lisbon - Portugal. 

He is now surfing and working as a freelancer in Lisbon, Portugal

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