Window into the Mind of Andy Maxim X Karen Bystedt 48" X 48"

Window into the Mind of Andy Maxim X Karen Bystedt 48" X 48"



“Painting is my testament to the world we live in, my portrait of the human race — its crudeness and beauty, its freedoms and indoctrinations. My paintings are a manifestation of my internal struggle to find a higher meaning and order in human character.  My naïveté desire to believe in the goodness of the world collides with the stark reality of the decaying existence of mankind.


The probing nature of my work is like X-ray vision into society, through my eyes. The context, to its entirety, from the hues to the verbiage, all of it, is a form of symbolism, producing an exploration of significant matter reflective of the great complexity of our life, as I see it...


I often lay down the paint upon the canvas-absent from my visual direction- I have visions of my work before it’s released onto the surface. In truth, it feels as if I can look into a different dimension or rifts in time. At times, the brushes interfere in the creative process and my bare hands must become one with the painting. In such instances, there is nothing between my cells and those of the painting. That creates a direct portal into the worlds I envision. I love feeling my hands, my fingers all throughout the manifestation of my work of art. The recording of such artistry isn’t just the paint set upon the canvas, but the traces of the energy of my very being. The urgent streaks of riddled calligraphy that run across the heavy textured base, like rivers run over mountains, speak a universal language of our origin. It records the wisdom of the universe. It reveals the past, makes the present, and allows for the future.


A micro speck in this vast celestial machinery- is what we are.

Skeletal fragmentation is the simplest evidence of the core of human existence, and the insignificance of an individual in the grandiose scale of the universe — this is my own struggle to accept the finality of my own fate.”

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